Illustrator of fun ideas and imaginary worlds.

I’ve been told that as soon as I could hold things I started playing with pencil and paper. These days I’ve branched out from graphite and paint, and work in a range of mediums including mixed media and digital work.

  Feature work

Fresh Meat

Another self published zine with creator Colin Sproule for OSE Dungeon & Dragons dungeon masters and players alike. 

Coming soon!

Gig Economy

An indie project of two self published zines created for OSE Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts looking for character inspiration when building their fantasy universes.

View DnD zine: Gig Economy

Shades of Weird

A collaborative project in which I provided visual interpretations of micro-horror stories inspired by hex-code based paint swatches.

View Shades of Weird

Pet portraits

Lovingly created portraits of people’s furry friends in various stlyles including acrylic on canvas and digital art.

View pet portraits

Other work

Benevity cultural goodies

A selection of illustrations that I volunteered to contribute to various cultural events at Benevity, including zoom backgrounds and a fun postcard.