Hi there! I’m Amanda

I am a UX advocate,
experienced product designer,
process enthusiast, and
all around creative.

Looking for illustrative work? You can check out my illustration page.

UX advocate

My approach is to put people first. My UX thinking doesn’t only apply to the design solutions I’m working on, but also the team I’m working with. I’m here to advocate for everyone.

Process enthusiast

Organization and efficiency makes me happy. I’m always looking out for opportunities to make things easier to comprehend and use, whether it be in transactional flows or file management.

Experienced product designer

I could say I can do it all, but I’m a realist – I can do a lot and I’m a quick study. I am a skilled design practitioner and CSS fan with an enthusiasm for complex problems.

All around creative

Creativity is my core. Whether it’s thinking around a problem or using my imagination for an illustration, I’m constantly seeking ways to apply my imagination and unique perspective.

  Feature work

Making finance family friendly

Finance can be intimidating for parents; they want to be able to not only provide for their growing family day to day but to also plan for their future. I had the honour to contribute to the development of the experiences that brings human connection to financial security.

Helping an established team create a roadmap and working process at a pivotal growth phase

When hired at Benevity, I joined their internal Design Systems team: Skyline. Skyline had been successfully established and was at a point where the team’s next steps weren’t entirely clear so we worked together to evolve the team.

Reviving an under-performing rewards program

AT&T THANKS is a loyalty program that provides existing customers access to exclusive offers and exclusive experiences. We were approached by the AT&T THANKS team to provide design insight to achieve three goals: Improve awareness and understanding of the THANKS program, increase redemption for select offers, and drive authentication of the THANKS program site.

Creating a multi-user type tool for managing bookings and teams

LodgeLink provides remote lodging for groups of staff and a way for their customers to manage these large bookings. The company’s goal is to grow into new job sectors and our goal was to design the online platform that would scale with them. I focused on building the user dashboard where bookings, teams, projects, and contacts would be managed depending on the level of permissions within the timeline of one month.

In my 15+ years of experience, I’ve created design solutions for a diverse group of brands:

Other work


Wonderville was looking to expand from being an online database of learning resources to a fully interactive subscription-based educational platform; think Khan Academy for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) resources catered to align with curricula across North America. I designed the UX/UI strategy for how thier platform would evolve to accommodate unique experiences for 5 user types.

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