Although I cannot share some of the fantastic details of the work I’ve done with brands like Apple, AT&T, and Citi Bank, due to the typical Non-Disclosure Agreements that are familiar in my industry, I am proud of the design solutions I have been able to contribute.

Below is some of the work I can share, but if you’d like to see more, contact me and we can figure something out!

Creating a multi-user tool to manage bookings and teams.

LodgeLink provides remote lodging for groups of staff and a way for their customers to manage these large bookings. The company’s goal is to grow into new job sectors and our goal was to design the online platform that would scale with them. I focused on building the user dashboard where bookings, teams, projects, and contacts would be managed depending on the level of permissions within the timeline of one month.

Developing the evolution of an online educational resource.

Wonderville was looking to expand from being an online database of learning resources to a fully interactive subscription-based educational platform; think Khan Academy for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) resources catered to align with curricula across North America. Their goal was to not only engage students on their own but to provide both parents and teachers the ability to utilize Wonderville.

The person behind the work.

As much as work can speak to how I approach design, I believe a team is only as good as the compatibility of its team members. I find so much value in how team members interact, teach, and learn with each other. As much as I’m looking for a good team, I hope that the team feels like I’m a good fit too.